The word Santri was actually taken from the Arabic “سنتري”. And in each letter has its own meaning. However, before the writer describes the meaning of the letter, let us know first who is the santri? Santri is someone whose job is to learn to explore religious knowledge at the boarding school which is guided by religious teachers and kiayis who are experts in their fields and students by using the morality taught by the Prophet Muhammad. Surrounding people refer to Santri with the term MURID. And keep in mind, the Santri is not a TERRORIST, precisely the terrorists are those who accuse Santri of being a terrorist. Why? As the author mentioned above, the students are educated by the cleric and kiayr, equipped with good, friendly knowledge, and also equipped with religious knowledge in order to devote themselves to the community if the process of learning is complete. The complete period of study at the pesantren varies, there are those who take up to 9 years, some up to 12 years, and others. One more thing, the santri who boarded in the pesantren were taught to improve the quality of their worship to Allah SWT, by exploring the relics of the ulama ‘salaf as-shalihin. Like the book nahwu, the book of fiqh, the book of akhlaq, the book of Sufism, and the other books. Not taught to improve quality to assemble firecrackers, bombs or the like. Back to the initial problem, related to ma’na per letter in the word سنتري. Maybe all students must have known what the author meant. It’s just that, because we are human beings who are sometimes given the nature of forgetting by the Creator of the Universe, what is wrong if the author reminds me again. This سنتري word has 5 letters, the letter س ن ت ر ي. And each letter has its own meaning. 1. The letter س The letter says سالك الي الآخرة. This means that santri must go to the afterlife. The trick is to multiply the recitation of the Qur’an, increase memorization, multiply worship, multiply dhikr, and others. Not to make firecrackers or bombs. 2. Letter ن The letter berma’na نائب عن المشايخ. This means that Santri is the next generation of the kiay / ulama ‘. Like imam tahlil, imam prayer, and others. 3. Letter ت The letter is تارك عن المعاصي. This means that the Santri must be able to distance themselves from ma’siat. Like stealing, fighting, fighting, spree, and so on. All that is not worthy of being a Santri. 4. Letter ر The letter is راغب في الخيرات. This means Santri must be happy in doing good. There are so many examples such as mutual respect and mutual respect among Muslims and between religious communities, helping each other with difficulties, giving charity to the poor, ta’dhim orders from teachers and kiayas, and others. 5. Letter ي The letter is called يرجو السلامة في الدين والدنيا والآخرة. The point is that Santri must expect salvation in religion, the world and the hereafter. Well! From the information above, the author feels it is very awful if the santri is accused of being a terrorist. Right, right? In closing, the authors hope that the reader will be avoided from the desire to be a TERRORIST. Hopefully we are all given age blessings, safe, comfortable and peaceful lives. Amien … So, and see you …


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